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Product Pipeline

KYDES products are developed from currently approved drug compounds and FDA approved excipients using our proprietary technologies. The products will be manufactured to meet or exceed Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) Guidelines set forth by the FDA and other Regulatory Agencies. The products listed in the menu above are in various stages of development.

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KY1104: Topical microbicide for HIV prevention

It is known that topical microbicide preparations kill HIV on contact, prevent infection and are a critical complement to vaccines. These products are designed to protect women who cannot protect themselves by other means. Gels, tablets, films rings and other dosage forms are in various stages of development and testing, but the current results are not encouraging. It appears that the acceptance of gel-based dosage forms in the target population is questionable on account of “vaginal wetness” while the vaginal mucosal surface coverage achieved by other dosage forms may be less than adequate. This apparent lack of appeal by gel-based dosage forms and the inadequacy of mucosal surface coverage obtained with other dosage forms are overcome by the envisaged product.

KY004 is a combination of agents that have been compounds of scientific and clinical interest for over 100 years. One agent will reduce viral integration while the second agent inhibits viral replication. This product will be administered by the vaginal route for the prevention of HIV in high-risk individuals.